Massage is one of older simplest form of therapy with the potential to restore the individual Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health.

Diet Therapy

Diet Therapy is recognized as an eefective way to achieve and maintain optimal health and fitness. It is widely accepted as vital aspect of alternative and holistic helth.


The Earth curative power to prevent, treat & cure disease, Mud therapy is ancient prescription for cleaning & making skin health


The Traditional Ayurvedic treatment from cooling the mind and to increase the memory power. It is used to treat greing of hair, insomia, anxiety, depression etc.

Steam Bath

Sauna & Steam bath are similar in effects, It is the most effective way to remove toxins(waste) through th skinh

Colon & Enema

It is a traditional natural therapy for cleaning the stomach, It improve overall health, promote detoxifications reduces, constipation, improve digestion and help in removeal of harmful bacteria & yeast.

Potali Massage

The therapy is Ayurvedic treatment for removal of pain. It provides a great relief to people suffering from rheumatoid, arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylitis and frozen should.