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"Life is a journey, travel it well."
No matter who, what or where we are or do, we only have one body to live this life with. So in order to have a truly enjoyable and rich life, we need to treat our physical body well and at the same time nurture and grow our spiritual and emotional being as well - the key word is BALANCE. If we FEEL GOOD, then we will LOOK GOOD too.
This website aims to explplain about NATUROPATHY & YOGA. Natural healing remedies can be found in all corners of the earth, as from time unknown, mankind has depended on nature to help heal the mind and spirit. The advent of modern medicine has taken the attention away from natural healing remedies, but the latter is still practiced and considered a better option by many.
With NATUROPATHY, we know what we are doing to our system. As for prescription or over the counter drugs, to counter that occasional headache, migraine or bodily ache or pain, there is still some uncertainty attached, unlike for the Naturopathy. In the short term, drugs may alleviate the pain but what long term effect the chemical substances have on the body is yet generally unknown. So rather then subject ourself to that mental torture and uncertainty, going the NATUROPATHY way is certainly more sensible and less stressful.
There are two roads to achieving this balance, the first via the aid of medication, drugs and other artificial means. The other is using all NATURAL HEALING remedies and methods.The former is very common and well used, whilst the NATURAL HEALING way, which is also known as NATUROPATHY, is a little more unknown. Personally, our first instinct is to look to NATURAL HEALING remedies first, should our body or spirit be in need of healing or nurturing.
Understanding Naturopathy & Yoga |:::
Naturopathy cures diseases completely and save money not to be wasted on Medicines. Nature Cure is very much similar to our Tradition system of healing "Ayurveda"; it also follows the same Principle of "Element Balance" or "Tatva Chikitsa". However, the working way is a little but different. Ayurveda utilises Herbs in the form of medicines and Naturopathy utilises the same in its Natural Form.
The basic principle of Nature Cure or Naturopathy is to balance the five elements of Human body, which are also known as "Pancha Mahabhuta"Naturopathy believes that the human body owes its existence to Nature's five elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether - a composite representation of all forces of Nature. The element Earth stands for the solid structure like bones. Water is representative of the fluids like blood, lymph, etc. Air represents the breath of life, Fire symbolises the vitality and Ether or Space personifies the reflection of the human spirit - Soul - the unseen aspect of the human entity. In positive health, each of these elements is in equilibrium and well balanced. Any disturbance in this equilibrium due to any cause leads to acummulations of toxins and morbidity which manifest in diseases.
Nature Cure is a holistic health care system, which believes in the innate healing power and natural rejuvation. It is the only drugless alternative system of medicine, which corrects the imbalance caused by excessive indulgence and restores inner harmony without the aid of external agent. Body is given complete opportunities to heal by itself with the aid of natural treatment modalities to prevent the disease and for the maintenance of good health.
Naturopathy & Yoga are like two wheels of a cart. Naturopathy heals the diseases while Yoga maintains health. Both practiced together, helps in keeping the body at harmony. Both are Preventive, Curative and Educative to a person. They both play a vital role in improving the quality of life by a positive promotion of health and help to function with healthy body & sound mind.
Naturopathy For The Body, Mind & Spirit |:::
"Naturopathy: a distinct system of non-invasive healthcare and health assessment in which neither surgery nor drugs are used, dependence being placed only on education, counseling, naturopathic modalities and natural substances, including without limitation, the use of foods, food extracts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, digestive aids, botanical substances, topical natural substances, air, water, heat, cold, sound, light, the physical modalities of magnetic therapy, naturopathic non-manipulative bodywork and exercise to help stimulate and maintain the individual's intrinsic self-healing processes."
What is traditional Naturopathy ? |:::
The term "naturopathy" originated in the late 19th century however the practice has been around long before that. The philosophy of Naturopathy is to heal by cleansing the body of toxins and further strengthening it rather than curing a specific disease. The goal was to stimulate the body to speed up its own healing powers. Traditional Naturopaths believe that the human body heals itself naturally when the right conditions are met - proper diet, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise and rest. Once that condition is met, anyone can maintain good health naturally without the aid of drugs, medication or other artificial stimulants. Naturopathy focuses on the whole person, rather than just the specific problems he or she is experiencing.
What is not Naturopathy ? |:::
As the philosophy is to help the body heal itself naturally, therefore Naturopathy does not make diagnosis of problems or diseases, neither does it prescribe medicines or drugs or support invasive surgery.
What is Yoga ? |:::
Its a practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, positive thinking and meditation; with the end goal being to create a harmony or balance in the body, mind and the environment. It is a low impact activity (less stress on the joints). It teaches you to breath properly (pranayama) whilst doing different postures or poses (asanas).
Besides being a tool for calming and relaxing the mind and toning the body, yoga has also been used as a complementary medicine to treat problems ranging from depression to anxiety disorders, cancers, heart disease and others.
The first written records of yoga started around 200 BC in the Indus Valley civlisation in South Asia. There are several schools of yoga that are popular, these differ in the West (Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga are popular) and the East (Hatha Yoga). They adapt some or sometimes all of the 8 limbs of Asthanga Yoga as described by the original Patanjali Asthanga Yoga records of 200 BD. The 8 limbs are:
Yama Rules for successful living in society
Niyama Techniques for managing and purifying self
Asana Posture techniques for physical and mental balance
Pranayama Breathing techniques for physical and mental balance
Pratihara Techniques for detaching the mind from the senses for mental balance and calm
Dharana Concentrating techniques for mental and calm
Dhyana Concentration techniques for mental and calm
Samadhi Ultimate advanced meditation techniques and psychic procedures attained after regular practice for universal consciousness
Through the years, different types or paths have emerged and evolved:
Bhakti Yoga path of devotion
Raja Yoga path of wisdom to self-realization and enlightenment
Karma Yoga path of action
Hatha Yoga path of physical self-discipline
Focus of Naturopathy |:::
Naturopathy's approach to healthcare therefore is preventative - it aims to balance the body so that illness is less likely to occur in the future. When consulting a naturopath, he/she will want to know about a patient's diet, lifestyle, family background and environment, as well as the history of their complaint or illness. This range of information is important to the practitioner, who seeks to discover the cause of illness and treat the whole person, rather than target the symptoms alone.
Nature cure is not just the method of Treatment; this is also a program of Healthy living. In the treatment period of Nature Cure, the patient also learns the Natural Ways of Healthy living.
In nature cure Nothing is like Artificial or non-realistic. This therapy is scientifically approved. Although it is a scientific Method of Healing but it does not relate to any scientific laboratory or invention.
Nature cure is a simple method and combination of Diet Therapy, Hydropathy, Yoga, Chromopathy, Acupressure, etc. Nature cure not only helps in controlling Diet but also bad Habit like Smoking, Use of Alcohols, Drugs and Pain killers etc.
Because the Principle of Nature Cure has proved its efficiency in solving many typical and unsolved cases, many of the chronic diseases has been cured and very good results are found in most of the Disease. Thus Nature Cure is helpful in solving both Chronic and accurate disease. The most common problems like Headache, Hypertension, Skin problems, Piles, Gastric Problems etc. can be completely cured by using Naturopathy.
In Short:
(a) Nature Cure has no side effects.
(b) It is a complete cure of any Disease.
(c) It increases immune power of the body.
(d) It gives total Health.
(e) Even if your are healthy, you can keep yourself healthy for long life
using Nature Cure.
(f) The method of treatment is very easy and anyone can use them.
(g) It works on Natural principle .Therefore there is no need to use any
(h) Nature Cure is the most efficient and Economical method of Treatment.
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