Holistic Practice
The V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre aims at identifying these root causes and establishing harmony among The Physical, The Mental and The Spiritual states. This we call HOLISITIC PRACTICE. The cornerstone of this Holisticism is Naturopathy & Yoga. An important aspect of the study of Naturopathy & Yoga is the concept that the body system is self-regulatory, self-regenerative and with the ability to heal itself.
There are two roads to achieving this balance, the first via the aid of medication, drugs and other artificial means. The other is using all NATURAL HEALING remedies and methods.The former is very common and well used, whilst the NATURAL HEALING way, which is also known as NATUROPATHY, is a little more unknown. Personally, our first instinct is to look to NATURAL HEALING remedies first, should our body or spirit be in need of healing or nurturing.
A healthy life is a composite of the Physical, the Mental and the Spiritual states - a 'Trilogy' which, when superimposed upon by the environment, form an ecosystem. These holistic phenomena are the bases of natural therapeutics that underlie the natural laws and principles that apply to all life processes that exist in health and in disease states. And that's not all. For in a further attempt to maintain harmony in this steady state 'Trilogy', the V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre employs various techniques of body detoxification. The Naturopaths of V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre seeks to aid the body function by eliminating morbid matter, bring about an optimum state of the BODY by not only regulating the diet, but also by teaching correct breathing & useful exercises and the right Mental & Emotional Attitudes - so as to generate a fine balance among the Physical, the Mental and the Spiritual states in relation to the individual's environment. This is important because, in order for the body to heal itself, we must give it the best possible environment within to do so. This means eliminating as many toxins as possible from the body by way of Naturopathy & Yoga.
Detoxification Program |:::
Are you tired? lethargic? overweight?
Is your skin dull?
Is your hair lifeless?
Do your joints ache?
Do you feel like your body is out of sorts?
Whatever your conditions, be they skin, digestive disorders, weight control, hormonal, PMS, menopause, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, M.E., or cancers, the onset of most diseases is underlined by a progressive accumulation of toxins in the system. Toxins are unwanted impurities whose abnormal levels in the system, prove too difficult for your eliminatory organs to cope with.
These toxins, you accumulate, are by ways of harmful chemicals in foodstuffs, drinks, and the environment you live in and detoxification by diet alone, is not effective; Naturopathy & Yoga tend to target individual organs as though your body is in separate parts, with each part working independently. But your system is a combination of all these parts (brain, lungs, heart, kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, colon, etc.) working
together as a unified body relative to your environment - like a chain of a bicycle made up of a series of links. Break one link and you end up with a bike that ceases to function.
Which is why the V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre has designed to detoxify your body-mind-environment system in accordance with the principles of the Naturopathy & Yoga as a Holistic Practice. The V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre's - Naturopathy/Yoga/Diet - programme is not just about losing or gaining weight, it is about the maintenance of harmony between your body, your mind and your environment - whatever your conditions. The V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre's detoxification programme is designed to rid the whole organ system of toxins. These impurities are then carried out of the body by its natural elimination processes, by NATURE CURE TREATMENT.
The DIET of V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre work synergistically in a differential manner to maintain the status quo of the system. Consequently the recipient experiences weight control, an increase in energy levels, restoration of an efficient digestive system, elimination of water retention, a clarity of complexion, greater mobility and agility and a remarkable overall feeling of well-being.
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